by Mat Janson Blanchet

Quick Ratio Calculator iOS App

Project Description

This small app was created to help designers or video producers to find out different ratios and their relative dimensions quickly.

User Experience

Problem to Solve

Graphic designers would often create layouts with videos of all sorts of dimensions. However, video codecs perform better when the width and height in pixels are multiples of 16.

Also, video editors work with standard ratios, such as 2:1, 16:9, and now less often, 4:3. Layouts are not always respecting these.


The Rule of Three is an easy way to calculate ratios and dimensions. However simple this solution is, mathematics are not what graphic designers tend to think of as a tool to resolve problems.

During a quick survey, Photoshop appeared to be used to test recalculate ratios and dimensions.


Since smartphone apps are great at resolving a single issue, having an app that would help designers quickly calculate ratios and relative dimensions quickly.


UX Design, Graphic Design, Development


As a personal project



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