by Mat Janson Blanchet

Live Video Editing at Station Vu


Project Description

During summer, Station Vu in Montréal projects movies on a huge screen in a park that borders the St. Lawrence river. Appalaches, with whom I was playing guitar at the time, was invited to perform as an opening act for a movie, and to take advantage of the big canvas to project video during the performance.

I created a set of live video editing tools so that video projections could also be part of the band's live performance.

User Experience


While the band performed, the video scenes would change as parts of the songs changed and evolve. Having a video play on its own would require the band to synchronize to the video, which would be too complicated. In order to achieve what was needed, someone had to be in control of a console


While there are many software that allow for live video editing, the band had no budget to hire a professional VJ, or to buy software.

Additionally, if an amateur were to control live video editing, that person would have to be provided with a simplified interface, and a clear scenario to reduce complexity.


I created a Max patch which could be controlled with a MIDI interface, a physical controller with sliders, knobs, and buttons.

The show was set to last some 30 minutes. Each song was cut into its parts; intro, verse, transition, etc. A pool of video scenes was created for each song and part, and a scenario was loosely prepared with this in mind.

The editor was instructed to pull from a specific pool of video for a specific scene. The editing software allowed to change the playback speed, to switch scenes from within the pool, or to mix scenes.



Video Editing, Visual Programming, Live Performance


As a member of Appalaches (instrumental rock band)



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